Custom Race, Restoration, and OEM Carburetor Rebuilds


Photo of T317 NMCA carburetors

NMCA carburetors

Following is a list of procedures associated with the major services we provide:

All Ross Carbureters are made to order. From single to multiple arrangements, we complete each job based on your requirements and specifications. We specialize in 4150 & 4500 Holley style carburetors and we can supply new cores or rebuild yours. We specialize in complete restoration and re-color on all makes of Holley Quadrajet, AFB, Stromberg, and all other types of carburetors. This is not the complete

Stock Rebuild – Holley, Q-Jet and Others

  • Correct main body surfaces
  • Re-color zinc parts, re-plate if needed
  • Correct air bleeds and fuel circuit to factory specs
  • Install correct main jets for your application
  • Assemble with all new parts

Restoration of All Types

  • Multiple degrees of finished product (please call with questions)

Blueprint (Holley)

  • Correct main body surfaces
  • Mill choke
  • Correct venturi core shift
  • Correct air bleeds and fuel passages
  • Jet per application
  • Re-color and re-plate as needed
  • Four corner idle
  • Assemble with all new parts
  • 40 – 60 CFM improvement over stock

Race (Holley 4150-4500)

  • Your choice of fuel (gas-ethanol-methanol)
  • Hand ported main body (old style carbs, THE HOT SET UP)
  • Race base plate
  • Weld and index shafts
  • Machine shafts and re-plate
  • Button head screws
  • Bore venturi’s per application
  • Four corner idle
  • Total metering block re-work (all circuits)
  • Machine main body
  • Race boosters (4150)
  • Correct boosters (4500)
  • Screw in air bleeds
  • Re-color and re-plate
  • Jet per application
  • Custom squirters per application
  • Assemble with all new parts
  • 200 + CFM improvement over stock using old style core (4150)
  • 40 + CFM over HP main body (4150)

If you need a quote…or if you have any questions or comments…please call us at 636.294.9366. We’ll get back to you right away.


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