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Function of a Carburetor


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The basic function of a carburetor is when air is drawn into the engine through the carburetor and mixes with fuel. It is the carburetor’s job to mix the fuel and air in the correct amounts. Too much fuel, and the car will be sluggish, smelly and use excess fuel. Not enough air will cause the engine to “ping” or detonate the fuel prematurely in the combustion chamber, possibly damaging the engine. The engine tuner must  find the fine line between too much and too little fuel. This line can be narrow and elusive if you dive into a carburetor without any knowledge of the internal workings.

When the fuel supply is not right, it robs your engine of peak performance. Running a carburetor with an angled float can help solve this problem and regain or maintain smooth fuel flow, especially in the turns. In the turns, standard fuel floats can restrict the fuel, while an angled float does not. As a do-it-yourself project, this simple suggestion can be one more building block to better engine performance.

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