Custom Race, Restoration, and OEM Carburetor Rebuilds

Get More Horsepower Without Breaking the Bank…

Photo of a blown alcohol fuel 660S carburetor

Photo of a blown alcohol fuel 660S carburetor

We’ve spent the last eighteen years working to get more horsepower from engines without breaking the bank, and have developed the finest carburetors and components available. We’ve tested each product for proper idle, transition, and W.O.T. to ensure you receive the best and most user friendly product possible.

Most vehicles utilize carburetors which are mass-produced and installed as received from the manufacturer.  In most cases they perform adequately, but they usually don’t perform at their full potential.  However, porting, polishing, and recalibrating fuel circuitry can provide a significant improvement in throttle response, top end power and overall driveability. We use our expertise to modify your carburetor, thereby, allowing your engine to perform at the optimum level for which it was designed.

When you’re ready to improve the performance and driveability of your vehicle,  send me your engine/car specs. I’ll insure that you’re getting the correct piece for your requirements, and we’ll use your specs to build a custom carburetor for your specific application.

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