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Holley Carburetor Training Class

Photo of Mike Ross teaching Holley training class

Mike Ross teaching Holley training class

As an authorized trainer for Holley Performance Products, Inc., Mike Ross conducted, directed and participated in Holley Carburetor Training Classes in a series of hands-on classes for those interested in street rods, classic cars and race cars.

The program was conducted on-site at various auto plants across the country, as participants disassembled, inspected, and re-assembled a variety of Holley street carburetors. The class taught them how to work and install the Holley products on the auto assembly line, and in after-market use.

Holley Carburetor Training Class Training Included

During the Holley Carburetor Training Class, participants were also provided with theoretical information related to air-aspirated carburetion systems. This class helped them to gain additional insight as each carburetor was addressed, improved tuning techniques were taught and potential power-improving modifications were discussed.

Photo of Mike Ross providing one-on-one Holley carburetor training

Mike Ross providing one-on-one Holley carburetor training


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